Tune in to the Truth


A realization of the importance of overlooking the political conversation and focusing on the truth

I’m ashamed to admit that before Friday, Sept. 28. I didn’t follow the Kavanaugh debates but, that day English class kicked off with mention of the Kavanaugh Trials. The majority of the conversation was political. Until one of my peers said that it shouldn’t be.
Democrats wanted the investigation to be extended passed the November elections in hopes to swing the majority their way, and Republicans wanted the investigation sped up in fear of losing the majority; though that is logical in terms of political motivation, in a case of potential sexual assault it seems only right that political motivations could be put aside to focus on uncovering the truth.
Kavanaugh’s appointed position, Supreme Court Justice, is one that more strongly relies on sound character, not political alignment. This lifetime position should be help by someone who the nation trusts to decide what is just and unjust and, of all government positions, should have the least to do with  politics.
It is sad that a very small population seems to be in search of the truth. In the case of Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, the truth is all we as a society should be searching for, regardless of a timeline. If it takes two days or two weeks to determine if the sexual assault occurred, either way the public will know. It is most important that a proper investigation reveals the truth, whatever that truth is. Instead of focusing on the truth, almost every newspaper overflows their Kavanaugh article with the words “Democrat,” “Republican,” “red,” “blue,” “swing voters,” “party stance.”
Why would anyone want to rush an investigation and perhaps jeopardize it? Why would anyone want to drag out an investigation when the proof or disproof is already discovered? Why would anyone be more concerned with their own political agenda than with the quality of the nation’s justice protectors?
It should be more about the truth than anything else.
I came to the realization that it is the abundance of political language that kept me from diving into the Kavanaugh debates and often causes me to tune out of discussion of current events. Personally, I don’t have an huge interest in political parties. I understand them and I follow their roles in debates and elections but I’m still in high school. I still form opinions based on my view of what is right and wrong not my political label.
Recognizing that the members of ELHS are as young as 13 or 14, I assume that some may share my timid tendency towards political motives or some may simply align themselves with their parents’ point of view.
But I encourage you to tune in to the truth. I encourage everyone to tune into the truth. So much of how our nation operates today is depended on a political label and representatives even vote against their gut simple to up their votes and maintain their jobs. It seems as though the only portion of society that isn’t so concerned with falling in line with a political party are the people who aren’t yet old enough to vote.
Our nation is so caught up in political strategy and divide that often the moral justice or the simple truth of a situation is  overlooked.
I’m not saying to disregard political parties completely but we are the future of the nation and, as the future of the nation, if we continue acting as though political motives are all that matter in our society then we are only going to go backwards.

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