Laugh It Up With New Freshman Advisors


Watch out for the Class of 2022

History teachers Hamilton Hernandez and Aaron Maddux are the new, and as they put it “best” advisors here at ELHS. All classes have two advisors, but what do they do?
“It would entail leading and inspiring our kids to go out of the box and become leaders in this new role that they have in a different atmosphere. We are trying to create these leaders to go out in front of their class and get them hyped up about different things. Right now we are focusing a lot on Spirit Week and getting the class ready to dominate everyone else,” said Mr. Maddux.
With these spectacular teachers leading them for the next four years, the Class of 2022 has no limits on success and laughter. Mr. Maddux and Mr. Hernandez are extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming spirit weeks and what their students have to  offer.
“I would love them to really enjoy being involved and getting other people involved. School is one big community and it’s seeing how everyone can contribute in their own way. I want them to see there is a place for everybody, and what’s exciting about these leaders is they can make kids aware that there are other opportunities,” said Mr.  Hernandez.
Mr. Maddux and Mr. Hernandez both think this upcoming class is eager, and not afraid to feel comfortable here at ELHS. Some can even be seen breaking the norm and sitting at lunch  tables.
The advisors’ relationship with the freshman class is strong, but stronger still is their own bond. When asked to describe their partnership, Mr. Hernandez said, “It’s tough because I don’t know a stronger word than beautiful. Is it possible to improve on the word perfection? If there was a word created that meant better than perfection, that’s the word I would use.”
Additionally, when asked to describe each other they simultaneously said “beard,” so they either have psychic abilities or they truly are the best of friends.
“We are friends everywhere. Inside, outside, if there’s a new area we are friends there too,” said Mr. Hernandez.
Dad Joke by Mr. Hernandez: Why do bees stay in their hives during the winter? S’warm.

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