ELHS Alum Reaching Out


A new program to foster connections

As you might have heard, it is East Lyme High School’s 50th Anniversary of the first graduating class, and with this momentous occasion coming around the corner, a program for East Lyme alumni has been  created.
Teachers who once walked the halls of ELHS as students, including Daniel Nazzaro, Sara Nazzaro, and Rachel Mauthe have come together to make this outreach  program.
“A group of teachers thought it would be worthwhile to have [the program] so that we could reach out to not only teachers who are alumni, but other professionals who work in the city or local. It would be good to be able to connect with students for a shadowing experience,” said Mr. Nazzaro.
Even though the program is still taking its baby steps, Mr. Nazzaro has ideas for a web page that alumni can sign up on to get annual or semi-annual newsletters.
“We want the the graduating seniors to be aware of it; we definitely want young alumni. Current college students would be just as valuable too,” stated Mr. Nazzaro.
As alumni themselves, they look at the school from an interesting point of view as they have both remembered past events from ELHS, but also have an in-depth perspective on the overlooked aspects of teaching.
“Yes, it’s super weird to be like ‘Oh, that’s where my friends and I hung out.’ What’s the weirdest is having lunch duty because I would just sit there and remember and be like ‘I did that too!’” said Ms. Nazzaro.
Ms. Mauthe feels similarly as she graduated only a few years ago in 2013, and her perspective has also changed from her times here as a student.
“What’s great is that you already have a connection, they know who you are, they know how you learn so they’re able to really help you. I love the support and the team; I would not be as creative as I am without East Lyme because they put emphasis on collaboration, which I thrive on,” said Ms.  Mauthe.
As former students filter back into the old halls they used to roam as high schoolers, the sense of community strengthened. With this program in place, high school students and other ELHS alumni can create connections and foster relationships with previous class members for internships and jobs.
“Most of the students here have a really open mind. Families move here because they want their kids to have a really good education and be open minded, and they want them to see the world. That’s what I love about East Lyme,” said Ms. Nazzaro.

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