Cast List of ‘Almost Maine’


Pete – Ian Yale
Ginette – Maya Wynn

Her Heart
Man (“East”) – Robby Bevacqua
Woman (“Glory”) – Brooke Erinakes

Sad and Glad
Jimmy – Adam Benway
Sandrine – Aoife Samuelson
Waitress – Imahni Ward

This Hurts
Man – Justin Berg
Woman – Gianna Thibeau

Getting It Back
Gayle – Julianne Lucas
Lendall – Chris Gregor

Ian Yale

They Fell
Chad – Griffin Dumas
Randy – Adam Benway

Where It Went
Phil – Evan Highley
Marci – Emma Caufield

Story of Hope
Man (“Daniel”) – Chris Gregor
Woman (“Hope”) – Liz Beaulieu
Suzette – Imahni Ward

Seeing the Thing
Rhonda – Julianne Lucas
Dave – Robby Bevacqua

Ian Yale and Maya Wynn


“Almost, Maine” is a play written by John Cariani that is made up of nine short stories, or vignettes, that explore love and loss in surrealistic, borderline absurdist, ways in the mythical town of “Almost, Maine.” Although there isn’t one big plot, the stories are interconnected as characters from previous scenes are mentioned later on as the play progresses. As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above- the residents of Almost, Maine find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected, heartwarming, and hilarious ways. -Alexander Kydd (ELHS Drama Department)

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