Welcome Aboard to New Teachers


Get acquainted through their uniqueness

Ms. Julie Bartoli (right)
Fav color: Purple
Hobbies: Running, reading, writing
Fav TV show: “BoJack Horseman”
Why do you love teaching?: “I love teaching because I love working with young people to instill a love of reading and to help them improve as writers as they seek new and creative ways to express themselves.”

Mr. William O’leary
Fav Color: Orange
Hobbies: Bowling, golf, softball, working
Fav TV show: “Blue Bloods”
How do you feel about ELHS so far? “I love it! Kids are very respectful. They ask questions, and I can’t teach without questions, and everyone is extremely helpful in the science department.”

Ms. Narciss Greene
Fav Color: Purple
Hobbies: Running; Iron Man and marathons, and triathalon competitions
Fav TV show: “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy”
First Day of School Memory: “I remember I was super scared for freshman year, like really scared. I don’t know why, and I convinced my mom to let me sleep over at my friend’s house so I didn’t have to walk in by myself.”

Ms. Cecilia Prytko
Fav Color: Red
Fav TV show: “Just Add Magic”
First Day of school memory: “I am Portuguese, so I came to this country as a sophomore in high school and so coming into a brand new school in a brand new country with a brand new language- I was so nervous that my hands were shaking and I was so nervous someone would ask me a question I wouldn’t be able understand.”

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