The Positive Impact of a T-shirt


A little paint changed my outlook on every day

When I was lucky enough to be one of the 40 seniors who got a reserved parking spot, I was more than excited. I immediately started looking on Pinterest, Instagram, and VSCO for ideas, but none stood out to me. But as I started cleaning out my closet last weekend, I came across one of my old “Life is good.” shirts, and I had my idea. Not only was the design simple, so it would be difficult for my lack of artistic talents to mess up, but I also love what the brand stands for and the messages they send.
I couldn’t be happier about how my parking spot came out. Not only do I love my design, but in the few days I have parked in my new spot, I’ve realized that it really helps to boost my positivity in the morning. A simple quote, “Life is good.” helps to remind me to not dwell on the little things that will come up in the day. Fail a math quiz? Not that big of a deal. Not the best grade on a paper? It won’t matter in a few weeks.
But my parking spot isn’t the only reminder I see during school that can help brighten my  day.
I start my morning by walking into A225, and yes, it can be a stressful environment, especially when juggling three Saga editions at once along with the course load of four AP classes and college applications. But every Friday, the journalism classes have a tradition called “Breakfast Friday,” where everyone brings in breakfast to share with each other. This one small tradition helps to remind me why the stress of journalism is worth it. We are like one, big, happy family who support each other, even through all the stress we have all the time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
By the time lunch rolls around, I am starting to get a little tired. I still have two classes left before I can go home, and that seems like an eternity away. However, I’ve learned that lunch should serve as a reminder to relax and take a minute to breathe. I find myself more often than not caught in the whirlwind of my classes, so taking even a few minutes just to laugh with my friends and enjoy the lunch my mom made really helps me to reset my mind and have a better, more relaxed afternoon of  classes.
What brightens me up the most during the day, however, is when I see the clock hit 2:10. Not only does that mean I can go home, but it also means I made it through one more day. Yes, I survived, and am one day closer to  graduating.
Yes, there are plenty of times where I really do not want to be at school. I would much rather be laying on my couch with my dog while watching Grey’s Anatomy, but I have no other choice. I might as well make the best of it, and these positive reminders help remind me that life is good.

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