Summer Play: beneficial or risky?

How summer scrimages can put you at an advantage or a disadvantage



Summer scrimmages can be extremely useful and beneficial in preparation for the regular season of whichever sport you play. Senior and varsity football player Andrew Haase agrees.
“It makes a huge impact because it helps show us how we play against other good teams and it changes the level of play because we figure out who we are before the season starts rather than going in blind,” said Haase.
It also gives time for the coach to analyze what skills the team needs improvement on for the normal season and can give the coach a better understanding for who each person is as an athlete.
“A lot of people who proved to the coaches they can play, are the ones who put the hard work in during the off season,” said Haase.
The most important benefit for summer scrimmages is that it allows teams and individual athletes to improve their chances of winning, work on neccesary skills, and prepare strategies for any regualr season games.
“Summer practices helps us prepare on where people should be positioned so we get the right people in the right places,” said Haase.


The most obvious problem with summer play is that it creates the risk of getting injured before the season begins. It is always disappointing and frustrating when an athlete plays his or her best all summer just to become injured because they overworked themselves. Sophomore Brooke Douglas experienced this frustration when she tore her ACL in a soccer summer workout.
“People try really hard in the summer to get in shape and get ready for the season. I know in my case I had torn my ACL before so I should have eased into practice, but I was trying hard to catch up since I could not play freshman year,” said Douglas.
While pre season practices are helpful for the regular season, many athletes experience the pressure to prove their skills to their coach which leads to risk of  injury.
Because summer games are not as critical or important as regular season games, it is easy to not take them as seriously which can lead to more aggressive players or athletes being less cautious with their bodies. Because of this mindset, players are risking the health of themselves as well as other athletes

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