High School Job Horror Stories


Some of the craziest summer job stories of East Lyme

Junior Grace Catalano
Job: Beach attendant
“I was sitting at the turn-around, when my boss came over and told me to call the police. One car was causing some trouble and my co-workers were taking pictures of his license plate. The police came and cleared things up. I was so nervous that my hands were  shaking.”

Senior Bella Alfieri
Job: Babysitter
“The kid I was babysitting’s older sister texted him pretending to be Spider-Man and he believed it. We spent hours riding around the neighborhood searching for Spider-Man and I pretended I saw webs and everything. I went on for  weeks.”

Junior Paige Kelly
Job: Nanny
“We went to swimming lessons at the beach every day. Even the week it rained every single day.”

Junior Caitlyn Anderson
Job: Dietary Aide at Apple Rehab  Facility
“My first week of being a dietary aid I had to carry a plate of food down to a patient’s room. The plate was covered, so I didn’t realize there was a sandwich and a bowl of hot tomato soup under it. When I picked it up I spilled the hot soup all down my hand, arm, and legs.”

Junior Emma Goldsmith
Job: Cowlick’s Creamery
“Scooping ice cream may seem easy, but I only worked for two weeks and I already messed up at least 10 orders and dropped ice cream on the floor.”

Senior James McCoy
Job: Black Point Beach
Security Guard
“I got paid minimum wage to watch a baby seal sleep on a beach for 6 hours.”

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