How Realistic is ‘High School Musical’?

Quotes from East Lyme High School students


“I don’t think it’s realistic because no one spontaneously sings in the halls, in the lunchroom, or even on a basketball court.”- Senior Alex LaFauci


“It’s mostly realistic except for the fact that we can’t all dance on the roof of our school in the rain with Zac Efron.”- Junior Gabby Villa


“I think it is realistic because my friends and I get pumped up to the song ‘Get’cha Head in the Game’ before one of our soccer games.”- Sophomore Noam Sokolovsky


“I think ‘High School Musical’ was not accurate because I’ve been in school for three weeks now and I’m still waiting for Zac Efron to pass me in the halls.”- Freshman Mackenzie Lizza



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