On the Road to the Ring

Football team shows signs of a promising season during their summer play


Every Sunday and Tuesday this summer, the ELHS Football team has been wokring hard practicing for and playing in a summer passing league. Not only did they have success in their games and practice, but because of their dedication to the sport they wound up winning the summer league tournament at New London High School which started at the beginning of the summer.
As senior Spencer Duthrie puts it, the football team has proven this summer that they are becoming the “hunters instead of the hunted.”
“It meant the world to us because we did it as a family and it’s physical proof of us winning which no one can try to make it smaller than it actually is,” said senior Dalton  Franco.
The team won beat Fitch on Aug. 7 to take the title and is planning to continue to use that momentum throughout the regular season practices which started on Aug. 13.
“The feeling after we won was really nice and to show teams that we are the real deal now and our culture as a football team has changed. It is good that we won, but the great part about this is the excitement we all have about the season starting up,” said  Duthrie.
The team hopefully will be able to use this victory as motivation to dominate throughout the whole season and to show what talent this year’s team has to offer. The trophy can be something the team can look to for inspiration and to prove to other football teams that their victory in the summer was not a fluke and that they came to work hard and play even harder. Overall, it seems that the mentality of the players this year has been and will continue to be positive and  determined.
“We came into every game with the mentality that we were going to dominate every team that we played and we couldn’t have done it without the volunteers that helped coach us because they took time out of their weekends to come run practices on Sunday to make sure we were sharp and ready to win every Tuesday,” said Franco.
One of these generous volunteers was safety and security officer Jeff Duthrie who has been working with the football team for four summers. The team was very energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about football which made coaching for Mr. Duthrie very  simple.
In a game against Waterford, the Vikings were down by 14 points with only nine minutes left; however, The Vikes ended up winning in triple overtime. Because of that victory Mr. Duthrie could really see the dedication these students have for the game which sparked motivation to win the final game with Fitch.
“These kids all have hearts of lions. There was no quit in them. They came back and said we are not going to give up,” said Mr.  Duthrie.
It is because of games like this and the one against Fitch that will give the team a


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