All Star Sports Camp: Then and Now

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How hearing about camp made me feel super old


I know I am not old enough to say this, and 70-year-olds will probably find it annoying that I am considering myself old, but I am old. While trying to brainstorm ideas for articles, the All Star Sports Camp became the topic of a brief Saga meeting over the summer.

While we are all enjoying our time away from school, little campers from the All Star Sports Camp, run by physical education teacher Jack Biggs, fill the empty North and South Gym and sports fields of ELHS playing all different kinds of sports.

Talking about this year’s camp with the editors made me feel old because I was once one of those energetic campers entering the unfamiliar gyms of ELHS. I was once one of the campers that would have a “big kid” counselor who would take my fellow campers and me to all different sports stations. I was one of the campers that thought it was such a privilege to be able to swim in the high school pool for free after a long, hot, 8-hour day at camp.

Now, the gyms are far from unfamiliar and the high school pool is just something I always forget we have or dread swimming in. Now, students who are the same age as me are the “big kid” counselors.

Fellow seniors Julia Bates and Sarah Christensen got the opportunity to coach and have fun with the kids of the sports.

It is true that the camp can introduce children to new sports they have never tried and even clean up their skills in ones they have tried. When I was a camper, I was always down for a good game of soccer because I would get to play the sport I loved when I was little.

The camp is such a good experience for kids to be active outside in the summer and obviously has a positive lasting impact. Next year if you are in the need of a job or interested in registering a young athlete, contact Jack Biggs for more information.

While I am a senior, I know I’m not a senior citizen, but it made me feel so grown up hearing about a camp I went to every summer when I was a kid and how students my age are now the counselors. While I looked forward to coming to ELHS for camp every summer, I now am thankful when I get a break from ELHS in the summer. Crazy how time flies.

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