The Power of A Meaningful Conversation

In our day and age, we are all communicating through our electronics whether it be through a social media app or texting. It’s all of a sudden rare to have a normal conversation face to face with other people without electronics getting in the way.I, personally, get caught up in the age of digital communication and it wasn’t until I was slowly reminded of the power of conversation outside the world of the internet. Recently, I had a conversation with a person I knew through social media and I happened to run into them and sparked a conversation of our common interests. I learned so much about the person that I would not have known just by scrolling through a picture of them through social media like their interests and their views on the world.

The internet and social media gives us a falsehood of what people are actually like.  Yes, the pictures may be pretty and the more likes and followers the more we envy them, but really they are not any different from us.

Just from talking face to face, you learn more about who they really are and you are seen as a person rather than someone who just happens to follow them or likes their picture. Also, from the conversation, you establish somewhat of a friendship with the person and when seeing them in public, you can stop and pick up where you left off rather than pass by without acknowledging their existence.

My experience of a meaningful conversation has established a friendship with the person and the conversation has continued from the original encounter. So when sitting next to someone, don’t just sit there awkwardly staring down at your phone, perk up a conversation, you might learn something you would never know from just scrolling.




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