Taking It To The Next Level

Seniors take their game to Southern Connecticut State University together


From munchkins whose lacrosse sticks were bigger than them to high school lacrosse captains, two future D-2 Southern Owls, seniors Karlie Rowe and Olivia Facchini, will take their lacrosse skills to college in the fall of 2018.

Both Rowe and Facchini grew up playing on the field together with Rowe starting in third grade and Facchini in sixth. Ever since then, the duo has dominated the field.

    Their experience playing with each other is apparent to the varsity girls’ lacrosse coach Phillip Schneider.

    “You get familiar with each other and what each other are going to do and what they are going to try to do. You can anticipate a little more. They are supportive of each other too. They have each others back,” said Schneider.

    On the field, Rowe plays an attacking position with Facchini not too far behind playing midfield. Going into Southern, both athletes expect to carry these positions into college with Rowe playing as an attacking midfielder and Facchini continuing with midfield and center.

    Since both players will have familiar positions and a long time teammate on their new team, it will make the transition that much easier.

    “It is nice going into college knowing you have a friend and knowing someone on the team so when they say partner pass, you know you have someone to pass with,” said Rowe.

    As captains of the lacrosse team now, Facchini and Rowe have made many memories together including Rowe scoring her 200th goal on senior night. Continuing those memories is something Facchini looks forward too in their college careers.

    “We have so many lacrosse memories from sixth grade to now and from travel. That is probably what brought us so close. We spent a lot of time together. [I’m looking forward to ] one of my best friends being there,” said Facchini.

    Entering a new chapter in their life, Rowe and Facchini are taking their long built legacy to Southern where playing together will feel like their childhood again.

    “[It’s exciting] to continue playing with someone that you have played with your entire life. You go to college and you expect that you are going to need a whole new environment. It is going to be nice that she will still be there and we will still be playing together,” said Rowe.

    Besides playing on new turf with mostly new team mates, Facchini and Rowe will bring their old bonds with them as they start the next chapter in their lacrosse careers.


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