The Problem is Pointlessness

This past month of school has been useless to me. It’s been busy work, crammed units, and whatever we can’t finish (which is a lot), we get for homework. Now, it’s not new to me to be bored in school. I understand that I won’t find every subject interesting, and that there are some mundane concepts that are necessary for moving forward in an elsewise intriguing topic. That’s not the problem here.

The problem is pointlessness. There is absolutely no reason for me, or any other senior, to be in school right now. I cannot help but think of the endless list of more worthwhile tasks we could be accomplishing.

Had a senior dropped out of high school and worked a minimum wage job ($10.10/hour in CT) during the hours they would’ve been at school, they would make:

$10.10 x 6.75 hours/day x 5 days/week x 4 weeks/month = $1,363.50

Important note: This does not include time spent doing homework.

If you think money isn’t that important, make it about charity; Multiply that number by 200 seniors, and you’ve got $272,700 to benefit whatever cause you want.

Or, you could work out for seven hours a day, and be the healthiest you’ve ever been. Adversely, work out your brain by reading interesting and informative books. You could also spend this time working on your craft, like photography, cooking, or literally anything else you would want to do.

The point is, instead of having $1.3k, or being good at something, I had to endure boredom for no benefit to myself. None of the information I have learned in the past month will stick with me. I stayed in school to keep my grades up to keep scholarships, nothing more. I felt completely demotivated, and now I can only be thankful that it is nearly over.

I’m not trying to be an angsty teen, complaining about “the system” with no real solution in mind. There are some classes that I continued putting extra effort in despite the year winding down. Particularly, the journalism class I’m in right now, writing blogs and running the website. I believe I didn’t burn out in this class because I saw the point of it. I’ve seen my writing improve, and as I watch the website improve in readership, I feel rewarded.

Normally, I do see the value of school. However, there is no reason that an 18 year old almost-adult should be forced to learn precalculus concepts they will never use in heir future field of study, when they could be doing something productive. The problem isn’t with school in general. The problem is pointlessness.

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