GSA Club Pushes For Pride

Students participate in True Colors Conference and lead a day of silence throughout the school.

By Heather Lally“Joining my freshman year I was dragged into the club by a friend who really enjoyed it. I’m glad she did because I really enjoyed the clubs support and caring environment,” said Aoife Samuelson, who joined the GSA Club her freshman year. The GSA is a welcoming club, and one of their biggest events of the year is the Day of Silence
The Day of Silence is to spread awareness of the LGBTG+ community and how they talk about having awareness for others no matter who they choose to  love.
Club president senior Emile Jones put together the Day of Silence at East Lyme High School. A poster was in the commons a week prior for students to sign and pins were given out to show support for the day of silence.
“I think the Day of Silence went really well. Many people participated by staying silent and some showed their support in other ways too. At the end of the day, the Day of Silence is all about showing your support and I think we accomplished that,” said Samuelson.
The GSA Club likes to keep old traditions alive such as going to the True Colors field trip which allows them to see how other high school address the same issues.
“This was my first year attending the True Colors field trip and it was a wonderful experience. There were over 125 high schools in attendance and it was the 25th year of this annual conference. The students and advisers attended all different kinds of workshops that focused on developing leadership skills, advocating for positive change personally and politically and building diversity,” said science teacher Jolene Hiltz, who is an adviser of the club, along with math teacher Kelly Nelson and science teacher Lisa Miodonka.
“On the True Colors field trip I feel as though I get something different out of it each time I go because they go so into such detail and it’s done so well and truly thought out,” said senior Alyssa McGurer.
However, the GSA Club does more than just these two events. Weekly meetings offer a space of inclusion available to any students.
“During the days we meet we talk a lot about queer history and lessons covering stereotypes, resources in the school, pronouns, and even what a healthy relationship should look like,” said Jones.
The GSA meets every Tuesday in B102, and anyone is welcome to join.

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