Alternative House Pets

Since I was born, my life has always had one constant factor – my love for animals. Growing up, I had one gerbil, two hamsters, four dogs, and 27 fish – not all at the same time of course. Nevertheless, the presence of house pets were a fun and loving component for my childhood. While I’m thankful for my pets and all the cuddles they’ve given me, I’ve always wanted more. For example, I’ve always wanted a giant panda for pet. It is completely unrealistic, but the thought of snuggling next to a giant panda made my seven year old self squeal in amusement. Dogs, cats, and fish are boring, and if you’re like me, you need more of an adventurous pet. These following pets may be unconventional, dangerous, and hard to find, these alternative house pets could become the next golden retriever.

8c516a1aa48a306cba0bfe643fc9ed11Sloth Bears

While they may be more dangerous than tiger, they sure are an ugly kind of cute. Unfortunately, their homes in India and Sri Lanka are being destroyed, and they are widely hunted as well. But no fear! Save one of these babes, bring it home, and the sloth bear will take care of that termite problem. This video shows just how cute sloth bears can truly be.




Living in a coastal town, you need a coastal pet, and what better than a seal? They’ve been nicknamed “water puppers” by the internet, and who wouldn’t want to buy 50 pounds of fish weekly for their beloved, flapping friend? Plus, imagine going into McCooks with your pet seal, and going swimming with them! Or like these guys, having your buddy swimming along as you kayak.





So.Fluffy. Alpacas come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick which alpaca fits your needs. Your new pet may need a large field to graze, but in my opinion, it’s completely worth it to pack up and move to a farm in Salem. Since you’ll be in the middle of nowhere, alpacas will provide a source of entertainment… like playing limbo.


See? There’s so much more than cats and dogs for your house pets. Try something new, and who knows? Maybe your residence will become an animal sanctuary for sloth bears, seals, and alpacas.

*In no way should you actually purchase these animals. Please do not buy them. The Viking Saga is not responsible for your property, and this advice should not be taken seriously.

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