Racing Off the Road

ELHS sophomore races motocross across New England.

By: Sana Gupta

When most people think of spring sports, baseball, lacrosse, and tennis come to mind. But for sophomore Daniel Choquette, spring means motocross season. Choquette takes to the track all over New England in motocross races almost every weekend.

Motocross is a form of amateur motorcycle racing. Racers ride over both natural and man-made courses with features such as hills, jumps, and tight turns.

Introduced to dirt bikes (two wheels) and quads (four wheels) at age 4, Choquette “absolutely fell in love with it,” according to his dad, Jim Choquette. He took Daniel up to his first race in New Hampshire soon after  that.

Choquette races as part of the NESC MX series, which is a New England motocross race group that goes to tracks around New  England.

“Since my dad started me out at such a young age, dirt bikes have always been a main component in my life. It keeps me in shape, gives me something to spend my time doing year-round, and is a great stress reliever to just get on my bike and do laps around a track for a while,” said Choquette.

Choquette’s dad has played a huge role in his son’s motocross career, acting not only as a coach, but also as a support system.

“I think the biggest way I support him is financially. It is a pretty expensive sport and the repairs, race costs, and travel costs can add up. I raced too at his age, but now I really wanted to focus on him,” said Mr. Choquette.

The sport has been beneficial for Mr. Choquette in many ways as well.

“Both of us have made many new friends. Motocross has such a cool community. It is a dangerous sport but the support of the whole group is huge,” said Mr. Choquette.
The dangerous aspect of the sport is a source of tension for both Choquette and his dad, but it is worth the risk for them.

“He’s still doing it after getting injured numerous times. It shows how passionate he is about motocross,” said one of Choquette’s good friends, sophomore Jack Lombardo.
Choquette’s passion also shows in the appearance of his bike, which he alters and designs to fit his personality.

“It’s a great way to express myself. I have spent more money on modifying my bike than the cost of the bike itself, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The amount of hours that I’ve spent in my garage tearing apart bikes and rebuilding them with new parts is beyond my knowledge, and I don’t regret a second of it,” said Choquette.
Choquette’s life has been filled with motocross for such a long time, and it will be for years to come.

“If I didn’t race motocross, I’m honestly not sure what I’d do with my time. It’s such a big part of my life that I can’t even imagine not doing it anymore,” said Choquette.

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