Battle of the Ice Cream

By: Ella Bradley

A look at the best ice cream places in the area

Although our beloved Frosty Treat is gone, don’t feel that you are betraying it as you wait in line for the sweetest and creamiest ice cream in town. Tony D’s handcrafted ice cream comes in many different flavors and options from Vanilla Envy (classic vanilla) to Cinn City (cinnamon ice cream, snickerdoodles, salted caramel swirl). These delicious, homemade flavors range from $4-$6 and a pint is $10. Their soft serve’s range from only $2-$4 and toppings are just $0.50  more.

Dairy Queen’s famous blizzards and ice cream cones never disappoint. These mouthwatering blizzards come in all different kinds of flavors ranging from $3-$5. Their soft serve ice cream is a creamy classic and can cost up to $4. Dairy Queen is also known for their flavorful sundaes which include pineapple, caramel, strawberry, and hot fudge. The Dilly Bar, DQ sandwich, and Buster Bar are other ice cream options to try if you haven’t  already.

For a 1950’s old fashioned style, go to Gumdrops and Lollipops, where they serve a variety of hard and soft ice cream flavors including banana chocolate chip, cookies n’ cream, mocha cappuccino, and raspberry. These cost around $5. They also have sugar free ice cream as well as milkshakes, sundaes, and smoothies and the atmosphere is welcoming and bright. Stop by after a beach day at Hole in the Wall Beach for a refreshing  snack.

Salem Valley Farms has a ton of ice cream flavors to choose from and optional candy toppings. Their flavor board includes brownie explosion, butter pecan, and cotton candy. Make sure to bring cash as they don’t take debit or credit cards. Their ice cream ranges from $3-$7. Don’t forget to try their sundaes, banana splits, and milkshakes. You can sit at a picnic table in the grass to enjoy your delicious treat and feel free to sit and hang out with friends.

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