How to tackle concert season at Xfinity

Concert season is upon us. I repeat, concert season is upon us.

Whether you prefer Oakdale or XL, there is no doubt that the ruler of all concert arenas in Connecticut is the Xfinity Theatre. The venue is an indoor-outdoor hybrid- over 7,500 seats open up into the “lawn,” a sprawling plot of grass where you can sit, stand, and dance. Over the course of the summer, teens from all over CT will flock to Xfinity to enjoy the lawn’s cheap tickets and warm weather. Here are the biggest tips you need to keep your trip to the meadows enjoyable.

1. Dress for the weather

Xfinity is a rain or shine theater. I’ve seen some bands in beautiful weather and other artists in the pouring rain. Instead of staying inside and forfeiting tickets to nature, come dressed to comfortably enjoy the music! Because the venue is grass, if it rains, you’re going to want to wear rainboots. You can keep warm with long sleeves and long pants, and if you’re bummed that it’s going to rain on your cutest outfit, head down to Target and invest in a clear poncho. Sacrificing some fashion to stay dry and warm is 100% worth it. Nobody wants to have their experience seeing a favorite band tainted because they were soaking and freezing for 5 hours.

2. Stay near your friends

This venue is BIG. The parking lots seems to be the size of a small city, not to mention the lawn that can hold a capacity of 22,500 people. The most important rule of thumb for Xfinity is to USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM! Yes, that thing you learned on a fourth grade field trip. Even if you’re just going to use the bathroom, it is so incredibly easy to lose track of your friends in the sea of people and become separated for hours. If you break off from your group, make sure that you and at least one other person have charged phones to call or text when you need to reunite. Don’t forget to utilize the numbered signs above certain sections of the lawn to alert others of your location!

3. Stay hydrated

When you cram nearly 30,000 people into one space in the middle of a New England summer, it’s gonna get hot. Xfinity allows you to bring up to one liter of water in a closed water bottle…take advantage of this. There are countless numbers of people who have been carted out by the medical team due to dehydration, don’t become one of them.

4. Wear shoes you don’t mind trashing

Somehow, no matter what Mother Nature bestows upon you, the meadows somehow find a way to destroy your shoes. Oftentimes I have come home to mind-boggling wet mud stains all over my shoes after a beautiful, dry, 80-degree concert. Not only will this reality-defying dirt inevitably get to you, but so will the other patrons. I would count on being stepped on, spilled on, and worse case scenario…puked on. This venue is for your cheap Forever 21 clothes, and is definitely not the place to debut new white Converse.

All in all, the biggest takeaway is to be mindful of your surroundings. If any situation feels dangerous or wrong, promptly remove yourself. Stay near your friends, and if you can’t find them, flock near other East Lyme students who you know. Preparing yourself for a long night of dancing and staying smart about your environment is the best way to have a trouble-free night at Xfinity!

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