Using Inside Jokes to Grow Your Army

Inside jokes can be a powerful tool in building and maintaining relationships over time.  Not only do these jokes create an easy way to relate to your peers, it can also make you feel like part of the “in” group, as well as help develop these relationships to last longer.

Something to Relate On

The hardest and most integral part of meeting new people is finding that one point that you relate on, so you can start gushing over your favorite show or debate who the best hockey player in the NHL is. You need to establish something you can talk about, and when all else fails, humor is universal. Assuming you and the person(s) have similar senses of humor, you can create this memory that will make each of you smile when thinking about the other person(s). Granted it can be a bit of a hit or miss, but sometimes you just have to take your shot.

Being Part of the Group

Humans are social creatures. We are also very insecure creatures. To feel like a part of a group is an instinctual want, and if you can give that to someone, they will gravitate toward you. This is also a part of getting you and the other person on the same team, which seems increasingly difficult as one gets older. In elementary school you could go to someone, ask them to be friends, and be done. Everyone is optimistic about everyone. What I have personally noticed now, as I search for college roommates, is that I have pretty strict requirements for being friends. I’ll be friendly to everyone, but being close to me isn’t a given anymore.


Making Lasting Relationships

When you think of your closest friends today, don’t you think of the jokes and experiences you’ve shared? The best friends of today started with a single joke, repeated constantly, that wasn’t funny to anyone else, because “you had to be there.”

With completely anecdotal evidence, I can understand any skepticism about the validity of my points. However, the mere fact that you have an inside joke with someone establishes history. The more positive history you have with someone, the closer you will be. So take this advice with a grain of salt:

Inside jokes are the key to building new relationships.

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