‘Lil Hank Williams’ Bringing People Together One Yodel At a Time

By Paige Kelly

You’ve seen his face, you’ve heard his yodels, in less than a week, with over 10 million views on YouTube, Mason Ramsey, your average 11-year-old boy, is breaking the internet one yodel at a time. Newly famous for his recent video, a cover of the song “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams, Mason Ramsey has been the eye of the internet for almost four weeks and people cannot get enough of  him.

Some say that he is the “meme of the year” or even the next Luke Bryan, but Mason Ramsey also known as “Lil Hank Williams” has uncapped talent that the world is obsessed with.

“After watching the video for the first time, I thought to myself, wow we have the next big meme from the whirlwind of memes we have had lately and this is the one that’s gonna be on top,” said sophomore Adam Capazzoli.

There is video evidence that Ramsey has been entertaining audiences for as long as he could hold a guitar. One video from the summer of 2016 shows then-9-year-old Ramsey at the Kentucky Opry, telling crowds he startrf playing at age 6.

Entertaining has been in his life for forever but you are probably wondering what made this time so much different?

“I think Lil Hank has such amazing talent he has allowed a new style of music to slip into society and instead of hating it, everyone is embracing it and I think it’s awesome,” said freshman Sarah Spranklin.

You can follow Ramsey on social media at “lilhankwilliams” for more original songs and updates on his fame. Maybe you can even catch him at Coachella. For now all we can do is sing “daaaaAaaaAdy” and hope Ramsey is at your next Walmart.

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