Flying High Like An Eagle

Junior Andy Dezjot creates volunteer opportunities to earn his rank as an Eagle  Scout

By Audrey Hausburger

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Need any community service hours to impress on your college application? Or do you like to better the community? If you reply yes to these questions, check out junior Andy Dezjot’s East Lyme Volunteer Corps.
After completing six ranks as a Boy Scout, Dezjot is trying his hand at reaching the highest rank, the Eagle Scout by creating this beneficial program. The East Lyme Volunteer Corps introduces volunteers to different community services or businesses based on their interests, skills, and experience who will then use their talents to better the  community.

Dezjot’s intent for his new program is beneficial for whoever is involved.
“[It is] a general [goal of] helping out as many people as possible and to really get people that want to volunteer able to,” said  Dezjot.

Dezjot has been familiar with the Boy Scout services since he was about 6 years old, when he joined the Cub Scouts. Five years later, Dezjot was promoted to a Boy Scout. Scoutmaster Tom Morris has worked with and guided Dezjot through his ranks as a  scout.

“He embodies the spirit of scouting. He lives scouting. He lives the oath, lives the law,” said Morris.

To apply to the East Lyme Volunteer Corps, only have to follow a few simple steps: Google search East Lyme Volunteer Corps, click “sign me up,” send in the application where you will then receive a confirmation email and an email about your interests.

Dezjot has created a life-long legacy of helping out the community through his program and his motivation and commitment to his project is no secret. Fellow boy scout junior Aidan Arsenault, who has also completed his Eagle Scout project, agrees.

“He is very determined…we have been working on this since Cub Scouts. Just getting here is dedication enough, so finishing it says a lot about you,” said Arsenault.
With his program set in place, Dezjot, after years of hard work as a Boy Scout, finally is ready to fly like an eagle.

“It means a lot. It shows that you have worked so hard and if someone knows about Boy Scouts and knows you have become an Eagle Scout, they know you have devoted years of your life to helping the community,” said Dezjot.

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