Do You Hate Spiders?

I hate spiders.

Every time I saw a spider, whether it be a daddy long leg or an itsy bitsy spider, I would yelp and immediately call for my dad to kill it. Even at camp, with spiders in their natural habitat, I would coward away. That is, until I saw Lucas the Spider.

Within a mere five months, Lucas the Spider has over 1.8 million subscribers. Further, with each video comes at least eight million views, with a total of 94 million for the seven videos posted.

It’s safe to say Lucas has gone viral.

With his adorable actions, voice, and stories, Lucas has captivated kids and adult alike. After his videos are published, YouTube comments filled with anecdotes of learning to love spiders. I would be lying if I said, I didn’t feel the same way.

One day, I approached my car, and I noticed a small spider perched on my door. Before screaming, and swatting the small pest away, I stopped, looked, and thought. I remembered the small and adorable Lucas, and noticed the spider in a different way. Taking my keys, I picked up the small creature and placed him on the ground.

A small burst of joy suddenly spread through me, as I spared a life. On my drive, I kept thinking of the little spider, and wondered if it was still okay. From arachnophobia to being concerned for a spiders well being, a change happened, and it was because of Lucas the Spider.

Listen, I know spiders are not the ideal cuddly creatures, but they’re beneficial to the environment. While Lucas provides a cute image to spiders, this blog provides crucial information about the necessity of spiders.

So, the next time you see a spider, stop and think about Lucas the spider. I guarantee you that your perception will change for the better.


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