Indie Artists You Need to Follow

Since freshman year, my friend Joyce and I have exchanged music, artists, and even attended multiple concerts together. Our musical friendship began with One Direction and 5SOS, and our fan-girling brought us together. Not only was I listening to great music, bonding with my best friend, but the music I listened affected my mood. So when our music tastes become more alternative, I did feel a change in my mood, appearance, and overall personality. “Edgy” was how I thought of myself, when in reality I was listening to pop music with a little more guitar. While my music taste has been on a roller coaster of phases, I always ended up listening to one particular genre.


Indie music, in my opinion, is relaxing, soft beats, with an artist’s personal twist. It’s hard to define the genre, but its one I’ve always ended up listening to. With saved Spotify playlists “Indie Pop,” “Indie Sunshine,” and “Indie Chillout,” this music is my go-to for any occasion.

Studying? “Indie Study.” Working out? “Indie Beats.” Tired? “Indie Sleep.”

While my love for indie music may seem a bit extreme and undefined, I believe it is important to share the music you love. Popular artists like Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and Vance Joy have transitioned their sounds to the radio, but many indie artists remain in the shadows. Just like my middle school days with Joyce, I wanted to share my favorite artists. Particularly indie artists. Some of these artists you may recognize from “that song with that one pop star,” but rest assure that this music is one where 1 out of 10,000 songs get picked for mainstream pop. So, to starts off our list is…

1. King Princess

King princess made her debut this year with the chill hit, “1950,” King Princess – real name Mikaela Straus – is a 19 year-old, originating from Brooklyn, New York, but  moved to California to pursue music. The artist describes her self as, “Buffy with just a little more gay”. Listen to her pop indie hit, “1950” here.





2. Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo is an indie rock band fronted by Pablo Munez, and comes from Bergen, Norway. The low-fi, Mac DeMarco vibes, and a clear and calming energy, Boy Pablo made waves with their first video, “Every time.” Somehow, this goofy, and somewhat uncomfortable video became viral, and the band took off.



3. Japanese Breakfast

From Oregon, Michelle Zauner from Little Big League, brings you Japanese Breakfast. Her alias has two studio albums, Japanese Breakfast has mellow, soft tones for anytime of day.




4. The Rose

The Rose is a South Korean, indie rock-pop band that has been quietly releasing singles in Korea. Despite the language barrier, The Rose has quickly become one of my favorite bands. Their three singles are slightly sorrowful, but the song, “Candy” reminds me of the the 1975, and endless summers.


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