How about a year round student section?

By: Amelia Kozlowski

After seeing the impact that the Parkland students and other youth are having on this movement, I found myself wondering how I could have a similar influence on the world as them. I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way. However, there is something we can do here at ELHS to begin to create change.
This past basketball season, I was astounded at how our “Viking Valley” fan section came together with pride to support our school and our community.
It didn’t matter whether you were a freshman or a senior, an athlete or a drama club member, or if you were friends with the people surrounding you or not.
We all had the same goals. We were all cheering for the same  team.
This is how it should be here all year long. ELHS needs to become a “year round fan section.”
Our differences should not come between our agreement in the fact that we want to feel safe coming to our  school.
Let the teamwork and camaraderie of the North Gym extend to the classrooms. Let the buzzer beater hugs spread to the commons. Let the accumulative adrenaline after Dev dunks flow into the hallways at 7:25, 10:31, and 2:10.
I challenge each and every member of our little community to turn our town into a living, breathing, 24/7 fan section.
Look out for your fellow classmates. Work together and support each other. Believe in one another. And believe that if we don’t give up, we too can have an everlasting impact on the future.

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