It Says It All on the T-shirts

East Lyme students plan to use T-shirts to unite ELHS

By: Audrey Hausberger

During Spirit Week, ELHS wears maroon and white. On game day, teams all wear the same uniforms. For the Extravaganza, the school represents the same cause by wearing matching t-shirts. This passionate school spirit should be no different for the #neveragain movement. With plans set in place, the school is planning to print white shirts with letters spelling out #neveragain with the hopes that this will show that ELHS supports the effort to make it an everyday habit of feeling safe in a school environment. By wearing the shirts at designated sporting events and by varsity teams wearing the shirts for warm ups before a game, ELHS will be carrying on the powerful movement for making schools safer, proving that the students and faculty want to show they are fighting for change on an issue that will not be cast aside. Juniors Amelia Kozlowski and Daven Roberts, came up with the idea for this hopeful school movement. “Seeing how much other schools and students are doing to keep this movement going is what inspired Daven, me, and the rest of the Viking Saga to come up with this idea. We want to create change here at ELHS, and the first step to doing that is getting as many people as we can involved and aware of the issue,” said Kozlowski.
The shirts will be sold for $10, where $5 will go to set up costs and $5 from each purchase will be donated to the March for Our Lives  Campaign. Senior Pauline Goetz, who is a member of the girls’ outdoor track team and marched in Boston on March 24, is in full support for the  movement. “I think showing solidarity in any way we can is extremely important at this moment. Shirts are a great visual start and reminder that the victims, those still with us and not, are high schoolers just like us. They went to class every day. They played sports, and they were involved in their town,” said Goetz. Sports teams have a major role to play in continuing this movement considering they go out and meet new people on different teams and have a large following of parents and adults in the community. Goetz explains when teams go to a game they become “the face” of the school who can use the shirts as a positive catalyst to enact  change.  “T-shirts can be used as a marketing tool for an advocacy campaign reminding people about an important cause. T-shirts, followed by clear calls for action, can help continue the conversations that lead to change,” said Ms. Shannon Saglio. Students hope to show how East Lyme wants change now and wants East Lyme schools and every other school to be a safe sanctuary for students, teachers, and administrators. This $10 t-shirt will allow students to stand together in unity, showing their passion for this issue.

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