How has ELHS handled this issue according to sports captains

By: Paige Kelly & Heather Lally

“They did a good job at the town hall meetings held in East Lyme by listening to the students ideas for the walkout. They truly dedicated time to listening to what the students had to say. However, I wish it would’ve been more of the students preparing the walkout rather than the administration,” said girls’ crew captain Billie Hazan.

“Something I’ve really admired is how the school really came together as a community. Lots of people with lots of different opinions and backgrounds came together. Regardless of what people believe everyone came together under a common idea,” said boys’ track captain Ryan McCauley.

“Specifically for this walkout we tried to address it in a less political way, some people wish it was more political and the way to go about that is attend town meetings for the political aspect of the topic. Ways East Lyme can support its students moving forward is educating the students more on what to do during classes during an emergency situation,” said girls’ tennis captain Colleen Keller.

“I think the East Lyme administration has done a great job about being open to the students and listening to our opinions. [Mr. Susi] held three meetings in the auditorium to discuss the walkout. Following the Parkland shooting, the school informed students about what to do if a situation were to occur at East Lyme and had us practice the drills. However, there is a lot more to be done as a school and as a country. Obviously, people’s political opinions differ, but as a school we need to maintain this level of security and not ease up,” said boys’ tennis captain Davon Chen.

“I think the school did a good job at supporting those who wanted to participate in the walkout, they helped to make it run more smoothly by allotting time for it to happen rather than people just randomly leaving class. To make the school more safe I think that having armed policemen would be a good deterrent to any potential shooters, but as a whole I think that the community should work together to improve the mental well-being of individuals be it through somewhat regular meetings with a therapist or some other method,” said boys’ crew captain Nate Kosyak.

“I think East Lyme handled the walk out well. They were supportive in the students efforts to organize the event and helped keep us safe while we walked out. I think the best way to keep our schools safe is gun reform. To attain that, we need to continue to let our voices be heard and send letters to our government officials so we can get that reform,” said girls’ track captain Kaitlin Kluge.

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