A Silent Voice

Our generation has the power to have a voice larger than any other

Opinion by: Daven Roberts

For so long people have motivated hundreds with the power of speech, filling stadiums with famous quotes and rallying the crowd to stand with them. Movements have spread by word of mouth and crawled across the nation one person at a time; movements that have rewritten history by captivating crowds of thousands.
But think about how different history would be if all those movements had reached millions? What would our world be like if millions of women had protested outside the White House for suffrage? If videos of the Civil Rights movement had spread  internationally?
Today, we have the power.
Today, movements spread through the internet and speed across the nation hundred of people at a  time.
We have the power to make our voices heard by millions and the power to build an army of supporters greater than any stadium could hold. We have the power to do it all with our hands.
Without opening our mouths, this generation can make ourselves heard by millions in only a matter of minutes. Our tweets and hashtags reach the world in a way that would have been thought impossible only a few decades ago.
It’s all because we don’t hold back. Our generation has grown up using social media so we aren’t afraid of it. We voice our opinions loud and proud, tweeting at politicians and flooding feeds with posts calling for action. We have learned to fill 280 characters with as much emotion and opinion as possible.
We don’t wait for people to
hear us, we make them hear us.
Adults have been speaking in schools and writing newspaper columns for years about the negative impacts of social media and has created a generation of mummies walking around with their heads in the phones. But we’ve learned now how to make social media the best addition to society instead of the worst. Just as newspaper and television and radios have been the catalysts for movements in the past, social media is the catalyst for movements of the  present.
Admitting that constant connection with the world through social media has its cons, its pros have been more than relevant in the past several weeks. Millions upon millions have joined the #neveragain movement to end gun violence in schools, even doing so from their beds at 10:30 at night, after they finally finish a worksheet on graphing quadratics, a late sports practice or band rehearsal. This movement has flooded feeds and notifications everyday since Feb. 14, 2018 and on March 24 it flooded the streets.
With such a strong base on social media, the movement was able to take a physical mold. Our generation is notorious for the power of our text, but the power of our talk is what inspired the nation at the March For Our Lives.
We did this. We made this. We are this.
Look at everything that a few tweets have started. Look what our generation has done with the platforms we know best, without seeking any permission and without fear of opposition.
So I challenge you to make your silent voice heard. Take advantage of the power we have today to change the world tomorrow, just as the Parkland students have modeled for us all.

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