Since Parkland. . . .

A look at the events since Feb. 14 shooting and the role students have had in developing a national  movement.

By Lilly Moffett

February 17: Student Emma Gonzalez makes a 10-minute speech with the repeating phrase, “No more BS!” and becomes one of the faces of the March For Our Lives movement.February 21: CNN hosts a town hall in Sunrise, Florida, with Parkland students and families, Florida politicians, and NRA spokespeople.
February 28: Students return to school for the first time since the shooting. Dick’s Sporting Goods announces they will no longer sell assault-style weapons and a slew of other businesses begin to follow suit.

March 7: Florida passes stricter gun laws, which includes raising the minimum age, banning bump stocks.
March 14: Students across the country walk out of classes for 17 minutes to show support victims, survivors, and gun control.

March 24: Hundreds of thousands of people participate in March For Our Lives Marches across the country and the world, fighting for stricter gun laws.


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