Lashes, Lashes, and more Lashes and How I Take Care of Them

For anyone that has ever seen me before, they have noticed that (other than how tall I am) I have very long eyelashes. Throughout my life, I have been complimented about my eyelashes and even asked about how I maintain them and it’s to a point that I’d like to share my secrets to the rest of the world of the products and makeup I use in order to keep them at such great lengths and things that I should and all people should do in order to keep their eyelashes long.

1.)  Vaseline:

Yes, the vaseline used for chapped lips and minor cuts and you next best friend when it comes to removing makeup and keep your eyelashes healthy. When removing mascara, take about finger scoop full of the petroleum jelly and swipe it across your eyelashes. It will feel very weird at first and hard to open your eyes for a few seconds, but immediately following putting the vaseline on take a cotton ball and clean it off with the cotton ball. The vaseline will remove majority to all of the mascara from the eye. Following that I put a small amount of vaseline along my eyelid where the eyelid and lashes meet and would leave it on overnight and by the time it’s morning, the vaseline is absorbed into the skin. Vaseline helps your eyelashes grow over a course of time and is a good option if anyone is looking for an easy way to make their eyelashes longer, without using the growth serums

2.) Type of Mascara to Use:

I have used about six different mascaras over the course of the year, trying to see which one would accentuate my eyelashes without making them look clumpy or feel heavy and I have found two that have exceeded my expectations. The two that I love are Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara from elf and High Impact Mascara from Clinique. If you are looking for a cheap mascara, the mascara from elf would be the one for you since it only costs $3.00 from any store with a beauty department. The elf mascara has a wand with a short, oversized head with bristles going in every direction, perfect for clump-free and non-heavy lashes and provides tons of volume. The High Impact Mascara from Clinique has a wand with also a long oversized head that provides clump-free and non-heavy lashes with tons of volume. Both are easy to remove with the vaseline trick or just washing them off. My advice when looking for a mascara is to look for one with an oversized head with long flared bristles, don’t get the plastic heads with short bristles, those will clump up the lashes.


Elf mascara

mascara part 2


3.) Eyelash Curler:

eyelash curler

The eyelash curler is honestly my bestest friend when it comes to lashes. The way I use them is to curl the eyelashes first before putting mascara on to give a starting point to making the eyelashes look long and full. If you put mascara on first and then curl them, it can cause lashes to break off, which nobody wants. If the lashes don’t seemed curled enough after putting on mascara, you can curl them a bit more, it’s honestly a judgement call.


4.) Eyelash Primer:


This is the one thing I should use and advise people to use. Personally, I haven’t had the chance to buy one yet, but it’s something that a lot of people have told me to use when it comes maintaining long eyelashes. Basically, you put the primer prior to putting on mascara and it helps with growing out and creating a fuller effect when it comes to lashes.


Hopefully my secret behind keeping long lashes will help crush your lash goal in the long run. These tips may or may not work for you and that is fine, find what works best for you!

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