Not Your Usual Desk Items

Peculiar and unique items found in the classrooms of ELHS

By Georgia Thoms

Gordon King’s set of ancient Roman armor will turn some heads. “I went to a conference in Kentucky where I made the contacts to buy it,” said Mr. King. With this suit of armadillo-like plates and red horse hair plume, his history students are provided with the perfect environment to learn, being immersed in other cultures.

Latin teacher Cheri Meier first spotted Pruscilla the stuffed rat at a garage sale. “She’s a rescue rat, and she was waiting for me to save her and take her home,” Ms. Meier says. She also added that students often “play with her insides” so she takes Pruscilla home every summer and re-stuffs her for the following year.

Admiral Bearistotle, the gigantic stuffed bear named by the students in B104, has learned his share of physics from Bradford Normand. “One year for the spectacular, students wanted bears having a lightsaber duel,” said Mr. Normand “Then we had the bear riding a unicycle and juggling; we do put it to use.”

Kip Kotzan has accumulated an arrangement of strange items in his class ranging from a human skull, to a caveman club, and his “Proud to be Diploid?” t-shirt. “Some students gave [the t-shirt] to me because I say it all the time,” Mr. Kotzan says. However, females are the only true diploids here, sorry Mr. Kotzan!

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