Saturday Night Live’s Impact on Todays Society- Politically


Remember 2016 and 2017? More specifically, the 2016 Presidential Election and the political atmosphere following the election? It was chaotic and still is and none of us can ever keep up with the on going changes in Washington that define everything we do. But there has been something all along that has kept us updated on what has been going on, in a comedic way, every Saturday night at 11:30 p.m.: Saturday Night Live.

For the past 40 years, Saturday Night Live has provided the United States with comedic relief through the many presidents that have taken office and the numerous presidential campaigns that came along with it. From the different political skits done on the show, each person has been intricately impersonated by the various actors/comedians that work on the show. I can’t deny the facts that there were other skits that the show has done making fun of celebrities and everyday life, but the show is known mainly, in the past recent years, for taking jabs at the fast moving world of politics.

However, these past three years the show has gotten more attention from its take at the cut throat presidential campaign and the chaotic presidency of Donald Trump. Even with the presidency of Donald Trump, the show has been able to fit in skits referencing “the life before” with the Obama administration. And some critics believe that from Saturday Night Live’s contribution of these skits possibly swayed the outcome of the presidential election from the way the show has made fun of the major events during the campaign.

Along with making fun of political matters, the show has not been afraid to address controversial issues such as the shootings that have happened in the country and the #Metoo Movement.

Hopefully for the next 40 years and beyond, Saturday Night Live can provide the smiles and laughs for the United States, just as it has been doing for the past four decades.

Political Skits:





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