Media viewers try to get Katy Perry Fired!!!

The 16th season of American Idol airs this year and no longer than three episodes in, contestant Benjamin Glaze is kissed on the lips by judge and famous pop singer Katy Perry. Users of social media have come out with many statements accusing pop singer of sexually assaulting the contestant. Did contestant give consent? Or should Katy Perry get in trouble?

Benjamin Glaze’s Audition

An opinion piece by Jacqueline Silveira.

As I was searching through my Instagram feed I came across a video of Katy Perry sneak a kiss from American Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze. The beginning of the clip started with the 3 judges and the contestant joking about cute girls, judge Luke Bryan quickly asked: “Have you kissed and liked it?”. The performer replied by saying: “No, I’ve never been in a relationship … I can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship.” The video continued with Perry saying: “Come here bud,” giving the assumption that he was going to get kissed. Benjamin’s cheek kiss was missing the “smooch sound” so she made him try again, the next time she turned real quick to surprise him with a kiss on the lips. The clip was over and I was curious to see how other people had reacted to it.

The First Thing I Did

I clicked on the comments and scrolled through what some people had to say about the video. The comments were very opinionated and some people even argued back to other things that people said. Viewers had things to say in defense for Katy and Benjamin. While looking through reactions of people I noticed that is was about a fifty fifty split for who people sided with.

The Second Thing I Did

Knowing that there was more to the story, I searched for a clip of Benjamin Glaze explaining the audition in detail. I knew there had to be more to the story than what I saw on TV. I came across a video ( Benjamin Glaze Explains Audition ) that showed Glaze in a Skype interview talking to Mel Bae about his side of the story. Benjamin Glaze said that Luke Bryan asked if he wanted to kiss Katy Perry. Glaze admits that he wasn’t as surprised as the show makes it seem and that he never said no. American Idol cut this out during editing. Benjamin also add that he did walk up to Katy for the kiss because part of him was curious if she would actually do it. At minute 4:19 Benjamin states that he has taken Katy Perry’s side and said that “she was honestly was just messing around” and “in the moment it was a light hearted thing”.

Watching Benjamin Glaze’s interview and hearing how he thought the media edited out crucial parts of the conversation before his first kiss made me feel better about the situation. Although it may not have been the best idea for Katy to make a move like this on national television. Benjamin is not hurt or upset by it now and he is willingly defending Katy Perry’s side.

This piece is in no way trying to sway an opinion from one side to another, but rather to give more information about the disputed topic.

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