Cocaine, Weed, and the King

New York Giants football superstar, Odell Beckham Jr., was recently found in a video with a French model, pizza, a marijuana blunt, and what many assume is cocaine in a short video that was recently leaked. The Giants have refused to comment on this issue, but many are questioning if they should move on from Odell after becoming a distraction again.

Odell Beckham Jr. is a once in a generation talent, but he is not the first superstar athlete to suffer from issues separate from his sport. For some athletes like Johnny Manziel, off the field issues completely derailed his career from Heisman trophy winner to being jobless in the NFL.

For others like NFL great Lawrence Taylor, who lived before the social media age, they were able to have successful careers despite his well documented issues with drugs and alcohol. Even Michael Jordan’s had issues with gambling, that ended up not taking away from what most consider the greatest basketball player to ever live.

Greatness, power, and money of athletes make personal demons even easier to fall to especially when aided with a feeling of invincibility. But of every athlete that has ever attempted a sport, Lebron James has had undisputedly had the most pressure. Ever since the Sports Illustrated “Chosen One” title as just a high school player, Lebron’s life was never the same.

Despite more pressure, and early onset of fame and glamor Lebron James has been all the way class personified. Outside the pressure he has answered on the court, he has always carried himself accordingly and not fallen victim to issues off the court. He has been politically outspoken respectfully with class and understanding.

Lebron James unlike many other athletes that are the faces of their respective leagues understands the responsibility he has to not only himself, but the people around him and the youth of America.   

Kids look up to these great athletes and take many as role models, whether wrong or right, understanding that and holding up a high standard is no easy task. And what Lebron has accomplished off the court should be viewed as just as great as the feats he has accomplished off the court.

Lebron James has risen above every other athlete as not just a great talent, but as truly a great man.




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