My Blood Runs Orange

Two months have passed since the Crimson Tide overtook the Georgia Bulldogs in a thrilling exchange ending in overtime in the College Football National Championship. Resorting to watching highlights via Instagram and ESPN, I declined to watch the game. In fact, my avid college football-loving family didn’t even turn on the TV.

Without the Clemson Tigers in the running any longer, we weren’t interested.

My mom graduated from Clemson in 1992, and took my brother and sister and I to our first College football game in 2010. For as long as I can remember, we’ve been a “Clemson Family,” cancelling plans constantly with the excuse, “sorry, the Tigers play tonight.”

From hosting game parties at our house, to high-tailing it from homecoming to another watch party to see the Tigers play Georgia Tech at Death Valley, you can pretty much guarantee that the Anglins are huddled around the TV on College Gameday,  rooting for our boys. Come football season, our living room is decked out in orange, a massive tiger paw decal above the fireplace is exposed once again, covered by a mirror the rest of the year. While our mother fuels most of our Clemson-loving fire, she’s built up a few wild Tiger-loving personalities. My obsession with the team and the school itself has been seen as insane, strange, and even freakish.

I am a firm believer that Clemson has the best college football team in the country. Dabo Swinney is a god. His passion and enthusiasm is comparable to few, and his welcoming nature to new-coming players is irresistable. The team has one of the best defensive lines in the ACC, pumped out a first-round quarterback (Deshaun Watson), and is receiving one of the top high school quarterbacks come this fall season (Trevor Lawrence), along with 17 recruits, including five five-star players. Even if you aren’t a fan, the comradery, sportsmanship, and talent that is seen year after year is undeniable.

Growing up in a home revolving around college football has proven to create a fanatic–through middle school I sported my Clemson orange, but upon entering high school my focus has turned to the athletics in our own school, attending every possible football and basketball game and leaving with a scratchy voice from cheering.

I am infatuated with Clemson football. The intensity that I grew up surrounded by has become a part of me, and will likely never leave me–after all, every season I still find myself tuning into College Gameday, chanting C-L-E-M-S-O-N, T-I-G-E-R-S!

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