I Miss Vine


This tweet says it all – Vine was the ultimate social media. The six-second clips brought love, joy, and peace into a world of constant struggle. Some may argue that Vine caused Generation Z to have a twisted, weird, and downright unexplained sense of humor, but it was our sense of humor. From oovoo javer to hurricane tortilla, each comical six seconds lifted spirits and pushed out laughter from each kid who watched. Vine was an iconic app, but Vine is dead.

When Twitter first announced that their app Vine would be terminated in January of 2017, the world weeped in sorrow. The social media would no longer be filled with six seconds, but replaced with a looping camera. Vine was a huge success among the younger generation, so why did it die?

Due to low funds from Twitter and rising competition with Instagram, Vine didn’t stand a chance. Instagram released videos, which allowed users to make 15 second clips, damaged Vine’s success and they never bounced back. With that, the famous Vine stars quickly moved to making videos on Instagram, leaving Vine in the dust.

However, the creative six second, looping, and hilarious videos became common catch phrases within cultures, and the world was never the same. While Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter all have funny videos, none of them will have the impact Vine had on our generation. What would the world be without the peanut butter baby? What about the kid with his hoodie tucked behind his ears dancing to Snoop Dogg? While many more are in-explainable, any Vine addict will know exactly what I’m talking about.

I can sadly say my life has never been the same since Vine entered and left. Like nap time during kindergarten, Vine, I miss you. Ever since you left, no one understands my references, and I’ve spent hours watching vine compilations on YouTube. Please come back. The world needs laughter, joy, and entertainment again. I think I speak for every Vine lover when I say, Vine, you were the best.

So Rest in Peace to Vine, my favorite social media, gone but never forgotten.


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