Tabor Academy Summer Program

One of the greatest opportunities I’ve had was attending Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts. Tabor Academy Summer Program (TASP) is a camp on a high school campus on the shore. The camp specializes in sailing which hooked my dad, he thought it would be a great idea to sign me up, but I was 10 years old at the time and was not interested in going to a camp all day.

As my dad and I signed up on the computer and I was able to choose from about fifty different sports and activities. After choosing seven (or eight, I don’t remember) selections, administration does their best to put your top five into a five-block “high school schedule”.

TA maps
Tabor Academy – Birds Eye View

Since the campus is so large and there are many buildings used for activities, there are tours the Sunday before each session. These are not mandatory, but if it’s your first time attending it is very helpful to be familiar with the layout. Between periods you may have to walk across campus to get to your next activity. Within the property of Tabor, there are three roads. Only one street, Front Street, is crossed during camp hours. Campers are not allowed to cross the street without a counselor or CIT (Counselor in Training) to cross the kids at the cross walk. Activities such as Sailing,

Tabor Academy Marine Science Building

volleyball, swimming, baseball, marine science and Drama are all on the waterfront. Three buildings are used on the waterfront as well. Hoyte is used for drama because of it’s Grand theater and Black Box theater. The common area and lobby are used for swimming and end of session dances. Marine Science has their own building that stretches out over the water. It also has its own dock for easy access to boats for field trips and outings. The last building that is used during the summer for campers is the Dining Hall

dining hall
Tabor Academy Dining Hall

which has a girls dorm attached to one side. During summer 2017, the dining hall was remodeled and updated for a bigger wide open space. Not only is this building a dining hall and a dorm, but it also has a lobby for sailors to get ready and plan for going out on the water.




Attending Tabor Academy Summer program is more than getting to do activities that you enjoy, but also the amount of people that you get to meet from foreign countries with different cultures. The fact that Tabor is a boarding camp allows people from all over the world to come together and do activities of their choice. Meeting people from foreign cultures can make it hard to bond and find a common interest, but choosing the activities that you want to do, gives everyone at least one common interest and something to talk about. It is required that everyone who attends speaks and understand English. You do not have to be perfectly fluent, but being able to communicate through talking makes everything from safety procedures to instructions much easier.

For a small fee, you can take academic classes to count towards school credits. Teachers who live on campus teach all through the summer at Tabor’s Summer Program for kids who may need an extra credit in a given class. They also have “English Second Language” for those who may know some English and are not perfectly fluent.

Tabor Academy Summer Program has so much to offer. I have met some of my best friends here and learned so many new things along the way. The international aspect to the camp makes it unforgettable.


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