Everyone Knows the N-Word, but What About the R-Word?

The Cleveland Indians recently announced that they will be dropping the Chief Wahoo logo from uniforms and around the stadium starting in 2019. This is coming after much controversy regarding the offensive nature of this and other names and logos of other professional teams like the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

The name of the Washington Redskins, like the Indians’ logo, needs to also be removed along with any other offensive Native American themed logos and names due to the highly offensive nature of terms like “redskin”.

Many argue that the “redskin” name is not meant to be offensive when referring to a football team, but what if the team was called the Washington Blackfaces or the Washington N-words? It does not make a difference how it is being handled; it is a completely inappropriate word enriched with some of the darkest parts of American history.

When the term first began use in the 1930s the world was obviously a much different place as Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. had just been born.

Some argue that a discussion with the n-word and “redskin” is blasphemous, but those people are turning a blind eye toward what the Native American population was subjected to across American history. From the genocide that took place with early settlers on the Americas to the Trail of Tears, Native American history has been every bit as dark as that suffered African Americans. The n-word is a staple of the atrocities suffered during that time, just as redskin is a staple of the barbarity suffered by Native Americans.

These words are obviously not in any competition, each is offensive in their own right due to the dark history tied to each. And neither should by any stretch be the symbol of an NFL franchise worth billions.

Other people point to a poll saying Native Americans aren’t even offended by the term “redskin”. Number one, that poll has been associated with a number of inadequacies. Number two, if even a segment of the population is offen

ded all bets are off in this situation due to the nature of the word. And number three, when considering that background why would you even want that as the name of your team?

It is absurd it is even a reality that the name of a professional team in the capital of in our country is associated with such a terrible term. There is so much controversy regarding even uttering the n-word, and for good reason, so why is “redskin” blasted all over our T.V. screens and across every piece of an NFL franchise.

Maybe it’s because Native Americans represent .9% of population per state, while African Americans represent 12.6%, according to the 2010 Census. But just because they are a smaller segment of the population does not mean they simply get to be ignored.

The Redskins logo is not necessarily offensive, just as there is not much controversy regarding the Chicago Blackhawks logo. The problem here is all in the name.  

It is time to treat the term “redskin” the way is should be treated: as the r-word, not as a symbol of a team in the National Football League.


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