Skiing – An Activity For Everyone

My dad is constantly talking about activities that everyone is capable of doing. For example: swimming, running, hiking, and skiing. He says that during these activities you will always be at your limit, no matter your age, level, or experience.

Ski Trail Ratings in North America

If you think about it, when you’re going down any slope you can control your speed and the width of your turns. This allows you to go however fast you want down the trail, never going faster than you’re comfortable with. No matter what slope you’re on, you can take your time or go as fast as your skis will let you. Each trail is marked with an obvious sign rating of the difficulty of the trial. Some mountains lean more towards beginner skiers and others are for the more advanced. Family orientated mountains consist of more beginner and intermediate trials, but with woods skiing and slope, any mountain can be a challenge for anyone, you just have to challenge yourself.

The mountain I go to the most is Waterville Valley Ski resort. Last year they were considered a family resort with a majority of blue trials, but this year Green Peak was added to the terrain which consists of 11 trails- 5 black dimonds, 4 blue’s, and 2 greens. The addition included a new triple lift to the top of Green Peak and more than 100 acres to the overall property. Although this one particular peak of the mountain is geared more towards intermediate to advanced skiers, there are many sections of the mountain beginner trails, others with advanced trails, and freestyle terrain.

Many expert and extremely advanced skiers will challenge themselves to back country or helicopter skiing. Backcountry is a type of skiing on untouched terrain. The best backcountry skiing takes place in the northwestern America, (Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, ect.) these states have the Rocky Mountains passing through them which gives big, wide and open landscapes for skiing. Since this area of skiing is on the northern boarder of the United States, the weather is very cold. Cold weather creates very powdery snow because the freezing temperatures keep the snowflakes from becoming a slushy and thick consistency. This type of snow is much lighter in weight and creates less friction when going down on it. Not only does back country make you go faster with the type of snow, but the mountains are much steeper that in Eastern America. Since the terrain is untouched there may be cliffs, trees, and boulders that make going down more of an obstacle.

There are small mountains/hills in New England which can be a great fit for beginner skiers. Northern New England has the appellation Mountains running through them. States like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine have larger Mountian ranges, but since this region is more south, the weather doesn’t freeze the snow as much, resulting in a more slushy snow. The consistency of the thick, slushy snow shows down the speed of skiers. As beginners are trying to grasp control of theirselves going down a trail, sometimes the ‘warmer’ snow is better.

No matter what skiing level you are at, there will always be a way to make skiing challenging. Controlled variables like speed, snow condition, and slope are all factors that each person can use to make this activity and easy or challenging as they would like.

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