What Qualifies Your President?

Oprah Winfrey gave an absolutely resounding speech at this year’s Golden Globes, prompting many people to consider her potential at a run towards the most powerful position in the world. Dwayne Johnson, Kanye West, Caitlyn Jenner, and a variety of other celebrities have also garnered interest according to CNN article written on Jan 8, 2018 (link) as it appears Donald Trump, someone with no political experience winning the presidency, has changed the way we look at the commander-in-chief.

Some of these names may sound like a joke, but many of celebrities are serious about running (link below) despite their respective reasons for being celebrities from acting, music, or sports.

Many of the people petitioning for celebrity presidents are dissatisfied with the Trump presidency and are looking for change. But they are missing two major points.

One, people are simply assuming or showing a lack of care for where these celebrities’ political stances really lie. Being a great actor, seeming like a humble person, or even being able to bring people together through great speeches do not clarify where you stand on the political issues that are dividing this country.

And as great as Oprah’s speech was she wasn’t speaking on an especially controversial issue. The issue she was speaking on has been escalating for the past two years, and for good reason, you will not find any public figure take a stance different from the one Oprah took at the Golden Globes. Although her speech was magnificent, it was an easy stance to take.

That is not a knock on Oprah and it is obviously not her fault, she spoke on an issue important to her, which is more than great. The problem is a bunch people qualifying her for president because of that speech. Where does she stand on the controversial issues that are important to you? That should be what qualifies someone to be your president.

Second, many of the problems people have with Trump root from his political inexperience. Oprah and other celebrities also have zero political experience, but this is often ignored. For those who want to reverse Trump, finding a “better” Trump does the very opposite of that. One of the biggest attacks from opposing parties to Trump is his lack of political experience, which celebrities like Oprah also fall under. His political inexperience has been attributed to many of his presidential blunders so far, and Oprah is not immune to some of those same mistakes.  

The way we look at the presidency has changed, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but the utmost duty of each American is to vote on the issues important to them. Not to be swayed by their celebrity status or the way they appear, but by where they stand.

Assuming where celebrities like Oprah stand on some of the biggest problems surrounding our country today because of a speech is a completely ignorant position. These days anyone seems to be qualified for president, but even in that kind of a world, knowing where people stand takes priority over anything else.


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