The Holy Trinity of Skin Care

Exercising, meditation, binge-watching Netflix (in moderation of course), or journaling, are all popular forms of self-care. The importance of self-care is one that I strongly believe in, and think everyone should find an activity that decompresses stressful thoughts. For me, skin care is my holy grail of relaxation.

It began as a love for makeup, but when I encountered frequent – and terrible – breakouts, I knew I had to hold on the foundation and start taking better care of my skin. While my intentions were to be acne-free and having radiant skin, the feeling of taking a few minutes each day to take care of myself, made me less stressed and more confident.  No matter how busy my schedule was, I found five minutes each day to take care of myself, and in time those five minutes add up. The result is glowing skin, and a new found confidence. I’m not sure how, but my small routine transcended into other parts of my life, and made me more efficient. I began having a regular schedule, and felt happier because I knew what needed to be done in certain parts of the day. My skin care was my pathway to a happier, more efficient, and acne-free lifestyle.

Along my journey, I’ve tested a multitude of products for my skin type. But, I could have saved hundreds of dollars if I kept with my Holy Trinity of skin care products. Now that my skin is acne-free, the acne scars are fading, and I feel confident enough to go to school barefaced, I can happily say these products wonders for my skin, and I want to share it with the world, because I love skin care and I wish clean complexions for everyone. So, if you have sensitive, acne-prone, and combination skin, here are the products you need: my Holy Trinity.

Thayers’ Witch Hazel with Rose Petal


This toner doesn’t sting, burn, or smell, which is perfect for sensitive skin. It cleans the remaining clogged pores after you wash your face, and leaves a glowing complexion. The rose petal gives a soft scent, and its benefits include smooth and even texture for the skin

How to Use: Use after you wash your face or after makeup removal, and in the morning before you apply moisturizer.

Cost: $7 for 12 ounces at Target

Tea Tree Oil


Have a breakout or even a single blemish? Rolling on tea tree oil, in my experience, can solve acne overnight. Dabbing on a blemish may sting or burn for a few seconds, but I guarantee you, your skin will thank you later. Tea tree oil will also help with the appearance of acne scars, so get to rolling!

How to Use: Apply after witch hazel and let dry for at least five minutes.

Cost: $5.30 at Target

Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer


Witch hazel and tea tree oil can dry out your skin very quickly, so to combat this, a Cetaphil moisturizer can bring hydration back into your skin. In reality, you can use any moisturizer but Cetaphil is made for all skin types, and will definitely moisturize your skin for one healthy complexion.

How to Use: After tea tree oil has dried, pat the cream onto the skin. Also using before makeup application for a non-caked appearance.

Cost: $13 at Target for 3 ounces

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