The Definition Of Friendship

A love letter to some of the most important people in my life

Opinion of Joyce Lin

Friendship is midnight Facetime conversations. Friendship is those long drives. Friendship is silently communicating with giggles and glances across the room.
Friendship is spontaneous and somewhat sketchy trips to buy rings and kombucha. Friendship is Sunday brunch. Friendship is tagging each other in memes. Friendship is laughing over the smallest and stupidest  jokes.
Friendship is that shoulder to cry on. Friendship is special handshakes and secret languages. Friendship is infinite.
To me, my friends are people who have shaped me and influenced me to be my truest self. They are the ones who support me and know me best, even better than I know myself at times.
Some people have been friends since elementary school and others may have only been friends for a few months. Time does not really matter. True friends have a pure  connection.
However, friends can inevitably grow apart. And that is completely okay and normal.
I cannot even count the number of times that I have heard that after high school, friends grow apart, stop talking, and just become distant memories.
And that might be true or false. No one is obligated to stay in touch with each other after high school, but nothing can break the bond of being connected as Vikings for such an essential part of our lives.
To me, I always find myself hoping that my friends and I will remain as close as we are now. Somewhere, deep down, I know that it seems naive to think, but one can hope.
These are people who know my wildest dreams, fears, and everything in between. We have shared experiences that will keep us bonded for a long time.
Four years might not seem like a long time in the future, but right now, these four years are my entire world. As sappy as it might sound, I have a lot of hope for my friends and I in that we will not be going down that road.
This is not some tearful goodbye-in-advance message, but just a little reminder to value your friendships in high school. When you are walking down that aisle on graduation day, it might be the last time you see those faces surrounding you.
Instead of being sad that one day, this fear will become a reality, I plan on making the most out of these last months of senior year. Especially because I do not know what might happen to my friendships, that is all the more reason to cherish what we have become and what we will continue to do.
This Valentine’s Day, I want to recognize the most important people in my life. To my friends, thank you for sticking by me all this time. Each one of you have made such a positive impact on me and I truly value everything that we have shared.

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