There is an I in Valentine’s Day

Don’t have a relationship? Follow this advice to not have such a miserable Valentine’s Day

By Audrey Hausberger

Me, myself, and Valentine’s  day. This is how many people spend Valentine’s Day- alone. With no one to cuddle or buy chocolates for on this holiday dedicated to love, it is not hard to feel glum. However, have no fear, for this is the perfect plan for a sensational Valentine’s Day without a special  someone.
First, buy chocolates for yourself. March into a local grocer, head held high, and purchase the biggest box of chocolates in the store. Now you can enjoy the chocolates instead of buying them for someone else.
If you cannot finish the chocolates yourself, bring the rest to your single friends. Together, you can devour the sweets and complain about not having relationships. It is a win-win situation.
To avoid that familiar feeling of not receiving a carnation, order one for yourself. Yes, you may get laughs from students selling the flowers when addressing the carnation to yourself, but the satisfaction of being handed a flower from a “secret admirer” will make up for the  laughs. Who needs a significant other when you can shower yourself with love on Cupid’s special day?
Finally, suggest dining out with your family. Surrounding yourself with love from your loved ones will eliminate feelings of loneliness, after all, you are their Valentine every day, not just on Feb.  14.

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