Do ‘Likes’ Equal Love?

Opinion of Emma Caulfield

You have to admit, we have all experienced the giddy feeling of joy when someone we admire likes our post on Instagram. That little boost of self confidence can go miles when someone is having a bad day. But there is also a more negative side; does a lack of likes decrease confidence? I have noticed my peers reaching out on other platforms or accounts and asking for likes. Do some consider it embarrassing to have less than average likes on a post? In some cases I have even seen people delete pictures from their Instagrams if they “don’t have enough likes.” Likes begin to lose their meaning when they are asked for, but I don’t even think likes should have a real meaning. Your self-worth shouldn’t be based on how many people have double-tapped on your latest selfie. Post what you like on your Instagram; that’s what it was made for. When you love the things you post, you worry less about the likes.

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