Two Teachers, One Family

Alumni Nazzaro siblings change roles from students to teachers

By Audrey Hausberger

There is a new dynamic duo in town. You may have seen them high fiving each other in the halls or have heard them singing loudly to one another on their birthdays. You guessed it, it is the Nazzaro siblings.

Daniel Nazzaro, who has been teaching physics at ELHS for five years, was joined this year by his English teaching sister Sara Nazzaro. Mr. Nazzaro teaches Physics to seniors and some brave juniors while Ms. Nazzaro is on the other side of the building in the English wing teaching her junior classes.


Nazzaro campingAlthough Mr. and Ms. Nazzaro are both fairly new, they are familiar with the school since they both attended ELHS in their adolescent years, with Ms. Nazzaro graduating in 2000, and Mr. Nazzaro following her in 2002. Mr. Nazzaro had many of the teachers still working here today when he was a student including Mr. Wilson, Ms.Izzo, Ms. Johansen, among others. Ms. Nazzaro’s favorite English teacher was Ms. Nowak who she replaced when Ms. Nowak retired last year.

You could find Ms. Nazzaro playing in the marching band, Mr. Nazzaro on the wrestling mat and both of them on homecoming court  together.

The fun didn’t stop in high school, but has carried over into teaching at the school.
“On my birthday he (Mr. Nazzaro) walked into my room and started singing as loud as he could and brought me chocolates. Obviously, that couldn’t happen if we didn’t work together,” said Ms. Nazzaro.

While Ms. Nazzaro appreciates the birthday serenade from her brother, Mr. Nazzaro appreciates the occasional sandwiches his sister makes him for lunch.
Seeing a familiar face going into her first year of teaching at ELHS has been one of Ms. Nazzaro’s favorite things about coming to work here and she looks up to her younger brother as a teacher. Mr. Nazzaro sees himself as a role model for his older sister.

“She may be older but the ancient art of teaching and learning doesn’t care about who’s older,” said Mr. Nazzaro. When asked if the other would enjoy their siblings class now, they both agree that each other’s subjects are fascinating to them.

“I would find it (Physics) interesting. I would do terrible on the test,” joked Ms. Nazzaro.
With Ms. Nazzaro’s new job at the school, the brother-sister duo are the first siblings to work at ELHS. From students to teachers, these siblings are Vikings forever.


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