To Lock or Not to Lock

Hundreds of East Lyme’s lockers are not being utilized

By Amelia Anglin

Nearly every hallway in the school is lined with lockers, and every student in the school is given their own space, with their own combination. But if opened, nearly all of these lockers would be empty. Why?
During the day, students opt to carry all of their belongings around in a backpack. But after school, items are left in the commons or in a shared locker where their ensured security is compromised.

“I feel pretty safe in the locker room, [but] I didn’t think that having something be stolen would be a problem,” said sophomore Lena Osso, who had over $100 taken from her wallet in November which was in her locker that she  shares.
In the locker rooms, most students share their lockers, meaning the combination is already no longer a secret, or the lockers are simply left unlocked, making it easy for items to be taken. With a lack of cameras in the locker room, it is difficult to track down missing items.
“Kids generally don’t have lockers in the locker room, but they can lock their valuables in their hall locker. Knowing that many of the thefts are opportunistic, meaning that something’s been left out…the reality is if it had been locked up it might not have been taken,” said Head Security Officer Chris Olsen.
The risk is easily avoidable with the use of the individual lockers, which are still largely neglected by students. Those that do use the lockers though, claim it pays off.
“I went towards the end of lunch and sometimes in the morning to put stuff in for later classes. But this year I don’t have as much time and it’s not as convenient because my classes aren’t near it,” said sophomore Lissa  Geida.
Because lockers are randomly selected, students’ schedules aren’t correlated with the location of the hallway lockers, which makes students more apt to ignore its existence.
Not only are students unaware of their lockers, but they’re often discouraged by the factor of time. Between the issue of distance and the five minute breaks between classes, students seem reticent to sacrifice this time between classes to seek out their locker.
“I think that using your locker can be a hassle [for some people]. … Especially if they have to go during lunch, a lot of people don’t want to do anything except eat and talk with their friends,” said Colleen Keller. Even so, Keller has used her locker since her freshman year.
In response to some of these incidences, the school has added more security cameras and made an effort to repair older ones.

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