The Trials & Tribulations of the ‘College Process:’ Worth it

An unlikely silver-lining following  disappointment


Finally, at 9 p.m., I clicked on the email: “The Admission Committee of Boston College has completed its review of Early Action applications for the Class of 2022. We are grateful for the time you invested in researching the university and completing the application process. However, after evaluating your credentials in the context of a talented group of candidates, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to Boston College.”

I didn’t get into BC. I read the decision three times before it truly set in. I wasn’t going to be an Eagle like my mom. I was crushed. I felt as if all my hard work and late nights writing papers had amounted to nothing. That day, Thursday, during third block, I learned that my first college decision was going to be released at 5 p.m. Reality set in. In a few hours time, my fate would be sealed. For the remainder of the day, I was so preoccupied that during a quiz, I couldn’t think about anything else.
Fast forward (through some tears and texts to anxious friends that supported me) to Friday. The day seemed to drag on, but I was slowly coming to terms that maybe BC just wasn’t meant to be. They were missing out, not the other way around. As soon as 12:40 came around I was out of the high school and into my car and crashed on the couch for two hours, wishing I would wake up and the events of yesterday would undo themselves.
I woke up, still groggy, and glanced down at my phone: “Your decision for Fordham University is ready to view in the portal. I shot up immediately, all but forgetting of the disappointment that had transpired only a few hours ago. This time I didn’t hesitate. I clicked on the “view decision” tab and simultaneously, my phone filled with confetti and streamers. In big bold letters was my name, and next to it the word “Congratulations.” On the heels of utter disappointment, in that moment the notion that I was to go to college was more real than ever before.
I might not end up attending; however, there is something about that initial feeling of finally being accepted into a school that I will never  forget.
Now, if you were in the same position I was in, if your number one school “respectfully declined your admission,” if you’re 0-1, it’s OK. Since being accepted into four universities, Boston College has now all but left my thoughts. I know I was getting more and more worried that all my friends were hearing back from schools and I didn’t have one that wanted me, but I’m more sure than ever that this whole “college process” works out best in the end for us. Maybe we don’t get into the school that we have every piece of merchandise for besides the decorative coasters, and although it will sting for sure, there’s always tomorrow that carries the opportunity to get a shiny acceptance letter in the mail, or a confetti-filled link.

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