Talented Teachers at ELHS

A spotlight on some of ELHS’ very own teachers and their incredible talents

By Genevieve Ogren

Aaron Maddux

From being in a band to playing the ukulele, ELHS social studies teacher Aaron Maddux is a man of many talents. Mr. Maddux has been playing drums since second grade.
“Once I got a drum set, it [was] loud [and] obnoxious, just like I am, so it fit me well,” said Mr. Maddux.
During his freshman year (‘09) at ELHS, he joined a band and has played at venues such as Toads Place, Six Flags, and more. Although he does not play in a band anymore, Mr. Maddux continues to play drums, piano, bass guitar, and ukulele in his free time. He is self-taught and only has to see someone else play a song on an instrument, in order to be able to play it himself, no sheet music needed. Music will always be a big part of his life.

Henry Kydd

Serenading his kids with the “Moana” soundtrack, ELHS social studies teacher Henry Kydd doubles as a guitarist. He taught himself guitar in his high school and college years but has played the piano since he was a little Kydd. In Mr. Kydd’s second year teaching at ELHS, he got a temporary music certification. For a year, he taught the guitar class, but later became a full time social studies teacher.
“I like music in general. I come from a pretty musical family,” said Mr. Kydd. He has always been around music and likes to take up any opportunity to play with others or learn something new.

Linda Johansen

A jeopardy lover and phenomenal cook, ELHS math teacher Linda Johansen is talented and passionate about these topics.
Ms. Johansen is fond of interesting trivial knowledge; with a love for reading books, especially Smithsonian publications, and with her great memory, Ms. Johansen could take the world of gameshows by storm. Her interest in reading not only helps her with trivia, but also compels her to indulge in cookbooks.
“I have a large body of interesting knowledge,” said Ms. Johansen. She tried out for “Jeopardy” once in New Jersey and used to play trivial pursuit games. Ms. Johansen and her husband also joke that she is a gourmet chef because of the delicious meals she prepares every night.

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