Son of Tony D Puts New ‘Twist’ on Frosty Treat

Frosty Treat no more, but something new on the horizon

By Gillian McMahon

For 50 years, Frosty Treat has been well-known Niantic  landmark.
Between summer nights enjoying an ice cream with friends and viewing floats passing down Main Street during the annual Light Parade, the restaurant has become essential to life on the bay.
Like many others in the community, Sophomore Anazya Taylor has many memories attached to Frosty Treat.

But with the changing of hands and an unrenewed lease, Frosty Treat will not be reopening. This leaves townies and tourists alike upset and craving the taste of their favorite Frosty Treat snack.
When this news broke, patrons took to Facebook to voice their memories to Bill and Carol Mariani who have run the business for the past 14 years. Many were upset in their comments but most chose to dwell on the positive experiences.
“I have grown up as a kid around Frosty Treat,” said sophomore Lydia Swan.
However, there will be something new at the corner of Columbus Avenue and Main Street. The property was recently purchased by Anthony D’Angelo III, the son of Tony D’Angelo, of Tony D’s, the Italian restaurant in New London. The new name will be Tony D’s Craft Creamery.
When Mr. D’Angelo saw the for sale sign, he decided to look into what was going on and said, “It was something that seemed right.”
Although there will be a new name on the sign, many original elements will remain the same. As a lover of pastries and desserts, Mr. D’Angelo is planning to do soft-serve as well as homemade ice cream.
“Now I get to really envelop myself into it which I am excited about,” said Mr. D’Angelo of his ice cream plans. The food side will have its traditional elements like burgers and, “some things with a bit of my twist on it,” said Mr.  D’Angelo.
With hopes of opening in the spring and getting the public to welcome him, Mr. D’Angelo hopes the town will embrace the change. He is excited to get started and continue the legacy of the D’Angelo family business in Niantic.

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