Seeing Double

The Viking Saga completes a Q&A with different twins within the ELHS community

By Heather Lally


Freshmen Ashley and Danielle Zelesky

VS: Do you and your twin participate in any of the same extracurriculars? Freshman Danielle Zelesky: “Yes, both of us do indoor track and really enjoy the sport.”
VS: What type of twins are you? Identical or fraternal?
Danielle Zelesky: “Ashley and I are monoamniotic twins which is a very rare type of twin. It occurs in less than one percent of identical twins and one in twenty five thousands pregnancies.” (Monoamniotic twins are twins who share the same amniotic sac)


Sophomores Emily and Katherine Fox

VS: What is something out of the ordinary that someone has asked you because you are a  twin?
Katherine: “Something along the lines of can you feel each other’s pain is a typical question I get asked.”
VS: What is something that is unique that separates you from your twin?
Emily: “Something I consider that separates me from my twin is that I’m into painting and drawing both at home and at school.”



Juniors Ben and Alex Jakubczak


VS: Have you ever tried to pull one over on your teachers by switching classes?
Ben: “No I have never tried switching classes with my sibling due to the fact that we are fraternal twins and not identical.”
VS: Which twin is considered to be more  mature?
Alex: “Usually I am more of a procrastinator myself but, I do the majority of the cleaning around the house, while Ben is more mature with his schoolwork.”


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